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Apples & Pears is an award-winning coaching and skill development platform that empowers business owners with one-to-one training and group workshops. With actionable and measurable solutions tailored to entrepreneurs of all levels, including academics and web designers, we have helped to transform the careers of 3000+ people across the world and aim to reach 30,000 by 2030. Apples & Pears is a leading business coaching and skills development company that provides tailored solutions to thousands of people across the globe who want to expand their enterprise and reach new levels of success. We are people and relationship-oriented and hold your happiness as the key goal in our long-term, cutting-edge strategies that have seen over 3,000 businesses thrive. We have a wide range of services, toolboxes and communities to help train, support, and coach entrepreneurs, business' and community leaders to succeed.
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Grow your business

  • Access world-class leadership coaching
  • Refine and perfect your business model
  • Develop new revenue streams

Conquer your niche

  • Solidify your place in the market
  • Lead the conversation
  • Craft an unstoppable brand

Reap the rewards

  • Enjoy a high and passive income
  • Earn more and live better
  • Achieve your goals and aspirations

Bespoke solutions for all types of businesses.

No matter your size, scope, field or subject, we have the training, tools and resources required to help nourish and grow your business into a thriving enterprise. We have had the pleasure of working with over 3,000 people across the globe whose lives have been transformed by our award-winning coaching services.

Not only that, we provide additional support in our popular Office Hours service which puts you in the hands of our in-house professionals who can tackle any task, be it copywriting, web design, admin and more.

Over 3,000 satisfied customers.

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The Hub

Entrepreneur Toolbox

Supporting new and early-stage entrepreneurs with invaluable guidance and support for business growth.
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Enterprise Toolbox

Providing active business leaders with growth strategies to prepare for maximum success.
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Web Creators Toolbox

Delivering industry benchmarked techniques for producing optimal web designs and content.
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Academic Toolbox

Enhancing the abilities of academics and learning providers with contemporary teaching skills.
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Blockchain Toolbox

Crypto is the future of investment and we know the tricks of the trade. Get exclusive trading, knowledge and insider tips from professional brokers.
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Daily Content Factory

We tailor our social media courses to deliver real, actionable goals that are guaranteed to take your brand to the next level.
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In House Services

Africa Energy

We are on a mission to support Africa’s energy sector by raising awareness of the need for an integrated Smart Grid system to help distribute renewable, sustainable and affordable energy to the many people of the continent
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Office Hours

With Office Hours, you can hire us to complete nearly any kind of assignment or task, such as copywriting and marketing. Get back the time you need to focus on what really matters.
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Ladies Entrepreneurship Club

We empower business women and female entrepreneurs through mentorship, networking and skills building to help take them to the next level.
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Meet our Founder

Tonisha Tagoe


Tonisha is an award-winning entrepreneur, academic and businesswoman who is passionate about elevating businesses through open and honest dialogue and practical steps. Tonisha is an entrepreneurship specialist developing courses for everyone including children as young as six.

Tonisha's featured in Forbes, Click below to read more

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Ladies Entrepreneurship Club

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